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As we all know one of most crucial parts of Real Estate is marketing! Ad’s, business cards, brochures, flyers, postcards etc.!!!

However with studies proving that 52% of home-buyers start their search online, we should all take a step back to evaluate our online presence.

When was the last time you did a Google search on your main competitor, when was the last time you did Google search on yourself? What did you see? Whatever you saw, is the same thing your potential clients are seeing right now!

By incorporating Social Media into your marketing strategy not only will you reach twice as many people for less than 1/5 of the price (if done correctly) you can will build a lasting portfolio of tips, trends, education and much more that can be accessed by potential clients at the touch of a button.

Allowing you to create a niche, showcase your knowledge of the industry, and build a following of potential home-buyers/sellers.

90210 Media Manager is a Real Estate Media Management company founded by Talitha McGirt.

Talitha formally held the position of in House Social Media Manager for the largest privately owned Real Estate firm in Beverly Hills.

One of her main roles as Social Media Manager at the firm was to assist Agents one on one with the creation of marketing campaigns.

With the knowledge she has gained over the years assisting Real Estate professionals, and her ongoing involvement in the field with top producing Agents she decided to start providing services to wider audience of Agents on a more accessible platform.

We all know that Real Estate can be difficult, but your social media shouldn’t be!

Thus the birth of 90210 Media Manager!