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Are you a Real Estate professional in need of some Social Media advice?

Look no further!

To fully take advantage of this deal you will need:

  • At-least 1 social media account.
  • Provide me the zip code that your located in.
    • (The zip code is required so that I can take a look at your local market. Enabling me to provide more detailed advice)
  • What your specific social media needs are.
    • Examples:
      • I cant find (good, eye catching, relevant, etc.) Real Estate related content to post.
      • I need help taping into my niche market on Facebook.
      • I need help promoting a listing.
      • I want to promote myself as an Agent, Broker, Leasing Manager etc.

These are just some ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

Once you have your question ready, click on the button below after you have paid you will receive the instructions in the message box. Please place all of the required content requested in the box in-order for me to complete your gig in a timely manner!

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Thank You!

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