About Us

Talitha McGirt is a Los Angeles-based Social Media Manager that specializes in Real Estate.

She started her career in real estate marketing over 8 years ago as the social media manager for the Largest Privately Owned Brokerage in Beverly Hills.

She later began her own marketing boutique by the name of 90210 Media Manager. Providing Agents, Teams, and Brokerages, alike with the highest level of marketing expertise.

Talitha understands not only the in’s and out’s of marketing, but also the in’s and out’s of real estate through her daily involvement with some of L.A.’s top producers. While updating them on the latest options available for their desired results.

Talitha’s love for real estate has also fueled her most recent blog the LALuxuryList.com.

The L.A. Luxury List is a blog dedicated to Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate.

From helping agents digitally strategize farm areas to explaining the latest trends on social media, Talitha is your one-stop-shop for all of your real estate marketing needs!